See you in Tampa Bay in Fall 2020!


Get your photo taken with our celebrity guests! Our professional  photographers will be on hand to capture that special moment in our Photo Op room. Each Photo Op includes one 8x10 printed photo. You can bring 3 friends and share the cost of a Photo Op and purchase additional prints and/or JPEGs too.

Harry Potter Escape Room


Believe it or not, it's been over a quarter of a century since Star Trek: The Next Generation first made it so. The series, which was set a century after the original series took place, ran from 1987 to 1994. TNG stars Michael Dorn, who played the Klingon character Lieutenant Worf, and Marina Sirtis, who portrayed the half-Betazoid empath Counselor Deanna Troi will be at MEGACON Tampa Bay!

Harry Potter Escape Room


Jimmy Palmiotti is an American writer and inker of comic books, who also does writing for games, television and film. He was the Inker for Star Trek; The Ashes of Eden which is a comic book adaptation of William Shatner's first Star Trek novel, set after the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Finding himself without a ship, Kirk struggles with his future. Elsewhere, a doomed planet sends a woman to find a hero and tales of a secret weapon on the Klingon frontier reach interested ears. When Kirk turns his back on his past he is suspected of treason and Starfleet orders Sulu to hunt him down. With Sulu on Excelsior are Kirk's old crew.

Harry Potter Escape Room


Whether you're a Vulcan or Klingon, a cosplayer, or crafter, you are welcome here! Spend an hour with people who love the same things you do, share your awesome cosplay, find new local Meetup friends, or just take some photos. These themed Meetups are absolutely free and designed to help you connect with people you otherwise might not ever meet.

Harry Potter Escape Room


Los Angeles-based Todd Haberkorn is a featured voice actor at MEGACON Tampa Bay. Haberkorn, an actor, director and producer, is perhaps best-known for his work as a voice actor in animation including "Ben 10," "Fullmetal Alchemist," "Pokemon" and many more. Haberkorn also portrayed Spock in the fan films "Star Trek Continues," created by noted voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Harry Potter Escape Room


Bob Wiacek is a comic book artist. He is well known for both his pencil and ink work, and over the years has produced a large number of covers for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and others. In June 1980, he produced the cover for the third issue of Marvel's Star Trek run, "Evolutions".