Thanks for your interest in being part of the MEGACON Tampa Bay Crew!

As we did in Orlando, our Crew members are invited to apply for paid positions. We no longer use volunteers at our shows in Florida.

The good news is we’ll still be having the same fun at the show. You’ll be wearing our shirts, working with our Leads and Show Management, and sharing the fandom!

We are currently collecting your contact info using the link at the bottom of the page. You’ll get a notification from us in August when we start building out the Crew schedule. We will be partnering with a local staffing agency to manage all the nitty gritty of payroll forms and scheduling.


What if I can only work one shift?

Naturally the more shifts you do, the more on-the-job knowledge you gain, so we love it when you can work for more than one day. People who can work more than one day will be given priority.


What kind of perks can I expect?

As a paid Crew member, you are responsible for your own transportation,accommodation, parking, and food during the show. You’ll receive a show shirt.


Can I work with my friend?

Once we start scheduling, you can put in this request. Note that as a paid Crew member, we need you to be flexible in where you are positioned.


My financial situation doesn’t allow me to participate in paid employment. How can I get involved?

You can talk to the staffing agency in August about your specific situation. For now, please fill out the form below so you get notification when our staffing needs go live in August.



Fill in the form below to let us know you’re interested in being partof the MEGACON Tampa Bay Crew. We’ll send out a notification when our staffing partner is ready to start taking detailed applications in August.